Emergency Tree Removal

Things happen, and thats why knowing who to call when you need emergency tree removal service is important. Imagine this, it’s a balmy summer night in June when you hear the weather forecaster mention a hurricane brewing off the coast of North Carolina that may make its way to Pennsylvania by morning.


Bucks County never had to worry much about hurricanes but it’s the after effects that concern you. The wind picks up while everyone is deep in R.E.M. The sound of wind gusts and glass breaking wake you and your family up out of your sleep. Upon investigation, you realize that a large branch from the mighty oak tree in your front yard has crashed through your daughter’s bedroom window. Call Bucks County Tree Service to remove the tree from your property immediately.


We provide emergency tree removal service and are conveniently located in your backyard of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Living and and working near our clients allows us to reach you in times of need. Our staff is on call, even at two in the morning. We monitor weather patterns because most tree emergencies are the result of an ‘act of God’.


We receive most of our emergency calls during twilight. Even in the wee hours of the morning or late at night, our staff is professional and friendly. Once you make the call, we immediately pick up and come prepared to cut any potentially hazardous branches and remove any perilous trees.

    What Tree Care Services are you needing?

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    Emergency Tree Repair

    Most people don’t realize that trees injure like people. Because it’s large and foreboding doesn’t mean that it doesn’t wound or form scar tissue. In fact, if a tree is severely wounded, you may have to chop it down. On the off chance that lightening strikes your tree, we may be able to save it. We are usually contacted for emergency tree repair when a vehicle collides with a tree. Sometimes, people will hang a heavy object like a swing from a limb that cannot support it. In both instances, contact us right away. The longer the tree wound festers, the more opportunity, insects, moisture and rot have at destroying your beautiful tree.

    Treatment vs. Removal

    There are a variety of factors to consider before removing a tree. Ask yourself if the tree can be saved. That is a question that only a professional can answer. Contact Bucks County Tree Service to conduct a thorough examination of the tree in question before making the decision to remove it. You also want to consider if the tree is competing for resources with more valuable vegetation. If so, it may make sense to remove it so that other flora can thrive. Although trees are our primary source of oxygen, you may need to remove it if it poses a risk to human life.

    Tree Education

    We are not thugs armed with tree pruners and chainsaws. It took several years of education and on the job training to become a certified arborist. People don’t realize it but arborists study all manner of biology, botany, environmental science and agri-management before passing the international arborist exam in an effort to become certified within the state of Pennsylvania. In addition to tree removal, we provide education and consulting services. Adults and children are always fascinated by tree rings. When we have to remove a tree, we use it as a teaching opportunity. It would bring us immense pleasure to speak with your gardening association or local school regarding tree health and garden preservation.


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