Stump Grinding

The truth of the matter is that tree stumps are ugly… and usually stump grinding is a good solution to make it not only more pleasing to the eye, but safer as well. When gazing over a vast, lush, green space it’s an interruption to the eye. Most stumps remain rooted in the ground because no one wants to exert the effort or pay the money to have them properly removed.


When you hire the best value tree service available, you don’t have to trip over, work around or gaze upon an unsightly view. Bucks County Tree Service has invested in the Hurricane Stump Cutter which has the capabilities to cut above and below ground at a 360-degree angle and is powered via remote control!


There is a lot than can go wrong when grinding stumps. Heavy equipment powerful enough to cut through flesh and bone is being used. The object being removed can weigh a ton and crush the human body, building or parked car. For that reason, we follow strict safety standards to ensure the protection of our staff, your family and employees and any bystanders.


Our tree experts always wear safety glasses, ear plugs, back braces and gloves. For large jobs we don hard hats and fluorescent safety vests. When completing a service in high traffic areas, we use orange cones and glow in the dark signage to alert drivers in oncoming traffic.

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    The Hurricane Stump Cutter

    In the past, stump grinding was back breaking work. Our ancestors used everything from fire, salt, acid and barbaric axe hacking to remove stumps from the ground. At Bucks County Tree Service, we use technology to our advantage. The Hurricane Stump Cutter with remote controlled capabilities is our best friend. Not only is it exact to the millimeter, but it also protects the arborist from physical injury. This intelligent piece of forestry equipment allows for greater oversight and protects the operator from flying wood chips. For hard to reach areas, we utilize the 360-degree cutting mechanism. This magnificent machine has the capability to cut above and below ground.

    A Second Life for your Tree Stump

    Most clients are so ecstatic to get rid of unsightly stumps that they don’t care what happens to it. Your stump can have a second life. We can haul it away to be ground into dust and disposed. If you have a need for firewood, we can process your stump on site. Your existing vegetation may benefit from the protection and moisture that mulch provides. If that is the case, our expert tree removers can process the stump into mulch for later use. You may opt to have it sanded, treated and lacquered to be used as an ottoman, side table or other home accessory.

    Protecting your Property

    Bucks County Tree Service goes to extraordinary lengths to protect property from the inherent damage that trees may cause. Recently, our arborists were called to remove a tree that was delicately close to a fire hydrant. One wrong move and not only would we have been in big trouble with the city but we could have put the entire neighborhood at risk. To mitigate any hazards, we erected a protective barrier between the stump and the hydrant. Our remote controlled stump grinder was able to cut within inches of the fire hydrant. The stump was removed along with the roots without incident.


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