Stump Removal

For professional stump removal, you can count on Bucks County Tree Service. There are several reasons why you should invest in removing stumps from your property. The primary reason is that they are unsightly. Secondly, the present potential legal and medical liabilities. Should someone trip and injure themselves, you have a possible law suit on your hands.


The representing attorney will typically ask for compensation for pain and suffering and medical expenses. Lastly, if you are growing any type of fruit or vegetable, an awkwardly located stump lessens your yield because of the inability to plant seeds in that location.

Swift Removal

Bucks County Tree Service is not your run in the mill tree and stump removal service. We have made it our business to invest extensively in high tech stump removal equipment. This technology makes it possible for us to remove stumps from your yard, farm and vineyard via remote control.


Our arborists will never be susceptible to slipped disks or hernias while on the job because we utilize technology to our advantage. Minimal effort is required when you use state of the art equipment to get the job done. We possess the equipment that can remove stumps and its root system swiftly.

Avoid Lawsuits

With tree stumps on your property, you are highly susceptible to law suits. People trip and fall stumbling over tree stumps that they didn’t know were there. It’s the 4th of July and you’ve decided to use the holiday as an excuse to get family and friends together.


Everyone is having a ball and getting fat on ribs, burger, links and dogs when your cousin’s baby falls flat on his face after tripping over an old tree stump that you neglected to remove. You’ve never been particularly close to this cousin and now the threat of a lawsuit looms in the air. Contact our experts to remove all stumps from your property.

Beautify your Property

Old tree stumps are more unsightly than weeds. It’s a reminder of what your property could be if you’d just take the time to remove that ugly stump. With intelligent forestry equipment we are able to remove stumps without leaving a trace of its existence. Our heavy duty equipment is able to chip away at multi trunk stumps quickly.


We’ve invested in machinery that can remove the trunk and its roots. When we’re done, your property will be ripe for a beautiful and relaxing garden. With tree stumps removed you’ll be able to increase your yield because more land will be available to plant seeds.

Affordable Removal

There is a weathered old stump that sits at the bottom of your back porch steps. Even though you know exactly where it is, you always manage to stub your toe on it. It’s been years since you cut that tree down to make room for the porch’s construction. Now you’re wondering why you never got rid of it in the first place.


When you purchased your home in the 80’s high powered stump removal technology was only available to the military. Now that this intelligent forestry equipment is widely available for commercial use, it is extremely affordable.

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