Tree Prunning

Tree pruning and tree trimming are two slightly different terms used interchangeably. Tree pruning refers to shrubs and trees while tree trimming refers to shrubs and hedges. When you communicate your needs and we will know what you mean.


Pruning your shrubs and trees is akin to trimming your hair. In order for your hair to grow long and healthy, you must trim the split ends. Freeing your trees from dead, dry, infected and broken branches allows it to flourish. There is a specific season to prune each species for optimal results. Contact Bucks County Tree Service for all your tree pruning needs.

Seasonal Pruning

Most laypersons trim trees when they become a nuisance. However, there is a specific time table one must adhere to when cutting a member of the forest family. To promote spring time growth, you may want to prune your trees during the winter. If the goal is to dwarf a tree, you should prune it in summer.


To enhance your tree’s flowering capacity, prune it right after its blooming cycle. Unless you have a specific goal in mind, most trees require annual pruning for aesthetic purposes. Call us for the best value tree service in Bucks County.

The Right Tools

Utilizing the right tools can mean life or death for your trees. You may have noticed that your tree hasn’t quite recovered from when you trimmed it last year. Perhaps you used whatever was in your tool shed that you thought could get the job done. What most folks don’t realize is that trees need to form a callous the way humans must form a scab to heal from minor wounds.


When a tree is pruned the desired effect is the formation of a callous that can heal itself and possibly sprout a new limb. Pruning saws and hand sheers are typically utilized for tree pruning.

Why Prune your Trees?

You’ve met those people with a tangled head of hair who always seem to boast about its length. Never mind that you can see the split ends from a distance and that their hair always looks a hot mess. The same is true for your trees and shrubs. Although your hair should be trimmed every few months, your trees only need to be pruned annually or bi-annually depending on the species and desired effect.


Once properly pruned, you will be amazed at how your garden’s aesthetics will be enhanced. With dead branches cut away, the vegetation underneath can thrive.

Affordable Tree Service

What would life be like if you were able to have the garden of your dreams? Every tree and shrub would be perfectly pruned and every hedge would be trimmed into a perfect shape. Maybe you’d have some lavender growing in the shade and pink roses on a trellis. Perhaps you’d try your hand at a few tomatoes, radishes and cucumbers sprouting under a canopy of flowering dogwoods.


Bucks County Tree Service can make your dreams come true. You don’t have to delay your vision because you deem it too costly. Our services are priced below market value and designed for the average Bucks County resident to take advantage quality tree service.

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