Tree Removal

At Bucks County Tree Service, we are self professed tree huggers. Yet, we understand that there are moments in time when a tree must be removed for safety reasons. Dead trees are unattractive and can damage nearby property and power lines. If a tree is in close proximity to buildings, they can pose a threat during severe storms. High speed winds can send trees crashing onto your roof or through your windows.


If a tree is interfering with the growth of your garden, you may elect to have it removed so that your garden doesn’t have to compete with less valuable trees for nutrients. Whether your end goal is aesthetics or safety, we have the skilled labor and high powered equipment to get the job done swiftly.


Our company is the best value tree service in Bucks County. Our business has grown immensely because we made the conscious decision to invest in intelligent forestry equipment. This high powered machinery makes it possible for us to remove trees property with a touch of a button.


Our Arborist’s health is not at risk because we use this equipment to do the heavy lifting. If you’d like a tree moved to a different location, we possess the technology that can remove, the tree, its root system and surrounding dirt in a matter of minutes. With the root system in tact, we can replant it in your desired location.

    What Tree Care Services are you needing?

    Tree Removal
    Tree Trimming
    Tree Pruning
    Emergency Tree Removal
    Stump Grinding
    Stump Removal
    Commercial Tree Care

    Cranes and Barricades

    Perhaps you have a tree on your property that is dangerously close to your home, building or valuable equipment. If this describes your situation, we can tackle the problem by attaching a crane to the tree so that when it is cut, the tree is lifted up and away from your property. The arborist in conjunction with the crane operator guide the tree to safety, while avoiding collision with your property. You may be concerned about a tree stump located near valuable equipment or property. If that is the case, our team members will construct a barricade between the stump and the property to protect your property from flying debris.

    Grip n’ Rip System

    At Bucks County Tree Service, our arborists are advocates for self sustaining eco-systems and our planetary environment. Trees and marine plants are our primary source oxygen via photosynthesis. We readily recognize when a tree does more harm than good. Dead and severely injured trees can put a strain on nearby vegetarian because of their competition for resources like nutrient rich soil and sunlight. If you suspect that you have a dead tree on your property, contact us immediately because it can fall on your home, car, garage or come crashing through a window during an intense storm.

    Dead Trees

    Our arborists believe in the 10-inch rule. We certainly support you taking matters into your own hands. However, if your tree is wider than 10 inches in diameter, we highly recommend that you call a professional. Another rule of thumb is to never get on a ladder with a chain saw. To do so is asking for trouble. If the soil in your area is particularly dense in nature or heavy after an intense rain, tree removal can become more difficult for the layperson. In these situations, we employ a grip n’ rip machine that grabs the tree by it’s trunk and literally rips it vertically from the ground while keeping its root system in tact.


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