Tree Trimming

To ensure that your tree lives a long and healthy life, we employ the 3-cut method. When this method is used correctly, a callous is able to form. We want a healthy callous to form in an effort to prevent rot, moisture and insets from invading your tree. Trees are very much like the human body. When someone is in a car accident and must have a limb removed, it is imperative that the limb is severed at the right location. Too high and there’s not enough tissue to form a healthy callous. Too low and you risk further infection. The same thought pattern can be used thinking about tree trimming.

Pruning Saw & Shears

Most novices use incorrect tools when trimming trees which can injure it beyond repair. A pruning saw and shears should be used when trimming your tree. What we typically notice are homeowners and gardeners using whatever tool is handy.


Tools designed for lumber and flooring should never be used to trim a tree. In addition to having the right tools for the job, our arborists protect themselves by donning safety glasses, a back brace, gloves and ear plugs. You never have to worry about legal liabilities when we do work on your property. We are protected by insurance and we make sure to use proper safety precautions.

Cutting the Weight Off First

When rookies undertake the task of tree trimming they typically go about it the wrong way. They typically get a hand or electric saw and then cut the branch exactly where it intersects with the trunk. What generally happens is that the branch falls while still attached to the trunk by the bark. The bark is then ripped from the tree due to the weight of the tree branch.


At Bucks County Tree Service, our strategy is to cut the weight off the branch first then perform a second or third cut closer to the trunk. The desired effect is to leave about an inch of limb so that callous tissue can form properly.

The 3-Cut Method

We are branches tree experts and utilize the 3-cut method whenever possible. You may be asking yourself why the method utilized to severe a tree is so important.


Your tree may not survive if you cut it incorrectly. Like a diabetic, the branch must be cut in such a way that vital nutrients can flow to the wound and promote healing. The first cut is made on the underside of the branch to preserve the bark. The second cut is executed one foot away from the trunk. The final cut is made one inch from the trunk to promote the formation of callous tissue. When the 3-cut method is not utilized rot, moisture and insects will infect your tree.

Hire the Best

Go with the best arborists Bucks County, Pennsylvania has to offer. Why do unnecessary work when you don’t have to? By hiring the best, you can guarantee the health of your trees for years to come. We’ve been servicing Bucks County trees since 1978. Our team possesses more than 85 years of cumulative experience.


We are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture and active within the Bucks County chapter. Our arborists have dedicated themselves to earth’s green spaces. It would be our pleasure to lend our expertise in botany, advanced pruning techniques, planting strategies and tree management.

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